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            Hello, welcome to Guangzhou Yu Cheng Auto Parts Co., ltd.!

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            Contact: Mr. Chen (General Manager)





            Address: No. 280, Jixian County, Baiyun District, Guangzhou

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            Corporate Culture

            Innovation and pragmatic transcendence of self - pursuit of excellence
            Innovation as the basis for the development of enterprises, not only to technological innovation, product, market, management, institutional and conceptual innovation, and innovation is the basis of the foot Field to achieve. Enterprises and employees continue to challenge themselves, to develop beyond the goal of self, never complacent. We have It's perfection itself. and constant innovation, the pursuit of excellence, lean Refinement as their goal, this is our ultimate development philosophy.

            Innovative technology service resources
            Constantly improve the technical level of enterprise employees, increase the technical content of enterprises; and constantly innovate their own business model to meet the requirements of the market and customers, and strive to their own shadow Sound force always lead.

            Customer demand customer satisfaction
            We fully consider the various needs of customers, the service extends to the pre-sale, and the "customer satisfaction" as a measure of our service standards, in the best effort to meet Various needs of users at the same time, but also to provide customers with a variety of personalized service model, the needs of customers into reality, to achieve the greatest degree of win-win

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